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Areas of Expertise



Architectural Design is the core of Scarpidis Design. Our team is driven by the passion to understand our clients and their space through our vision of translating experiences through details based on our clients’ dreams. Our goal is to build custom luxury environments that function specifically for the needs of our clients. Our keen attention to every detail from beginning to end is what ultimately results in the creation of our clients’ worlds.



Scarpidis Design provides interior planning, design, decorating and refurbishment services. Every project’s aesthetic emanates from close collaborative relationships with each client in order to achieve optimal results. There is no surface or element within a project we work on where we do not implement our combined design aesthetic.



Scarpidis designs custom furniture upon request by its clients in order to create a distinctive style that expresses their personal environments and crafts experiences that people fall in love with. We create fully immersed made to measure designs that are properly specified and dimensioned to fit within our clients’ individual context, while simultaneously creating a consistent story throughout the interior and exterior journey.



Nothing changes the feel and atmosphere of a built space more dramatically than lighting. Thus, Scarpidis, designs work in tandem with lighting technicians and lighting designers in order to create lighting schemes that will optimize our clients’ personal environments. Simultaneously Scarpidis designs custom light fixtures upon request that add an element of design even when the lights are off.



No home is complete without the energy, depth and life brought to a space by an exceptional work of art. At Scarpidis Design we believe in the power that an artwork can bring to a home. Thus providing our clients with in-house art advisory services that will be able to work closely with the needs of our clients wishes. We also work closely with international art advisors in order for us to find exceptional works for each unique resident. Our art advisory service provides sourcing from all parts of the art market including fine art, editions, photography, and interior as well as exterior sculptures. 

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