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Venice Biennale Competition


The 2014 Biennale di Venezia will continue the tradition of celebrating the world's greatest artists and architects serving the stage for our time's most impactful and informative art, film, music, dance, and more in one of the most wondrous cities in the world. 

We believe that the competition's winning architectural structure was best placed not in Piazza San Marco but overlooking the shorelines of Piazza San Marco where it would be the best location to celebrate the festival's history, vision, and purpose, and recognize the element of water as a main focal point. Coursing through the veins of Venice, giving the city its life and meaning. the water is also the single biggest threat to the city's viability and future. It is this very dissonance that our entry derives its name from - Dissonance Dell 'Acqua.

Made entirely of light colored alabaster stone juxtaposed with vertical slits of glass - these sustainable and recyclable materials encourage the playfulness of sunlight, and expose the transparency evident on the prominent building arcades. 

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