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Kips Bay Design House


Honored to have been selected for the prestigious and charitable Kips Bay Designer Showhouse for not one as is typical but three rooms, no easy feat within the allotted time to transform an old Upper East Side Mansion into a residential oasis. We firmly believe that architecture dictates design. While many depend on the synergies of decorations to design a space, we pride ourselves in the transformation of spaces through architecture, which ultimately inspires interior design. Our Kips Bay Designer Show House transformation of the second floor concrete Ascension Staircase, gut renovation of both the third floor Chevron Gallery and third floor His/Her Bathroom showcases our method of Architecture in Design.

Architecture explores structure, form, space and light engaging all senses and creating emotions. Upon entering our space, you are presented with the second floor Staircase, where we invite you to walk among kings - without losing the modern touch - by juxtaposing the classical banister, native to the Upper East Side Townhouse, with wrapping concrete wallpaper. Anchored by a bronze nude statue of an empowered woman basking in the glow of our Zimmerman vine chandelier. Ascending to the third floor landing, you are invited into our Chevron Gallery by the redesigned bespoke wood flooring with brass accents, designed to open the space and guide you through it. We were inspired by an existing skylight on the floor above and James Turrell's artwork to create our own version on the ceiling reminiscent of art deco feathering through a trompe l'eoil effect that illuminates and expands our ceiling.


The third floor his/her bathroom is unmistakably powerful, employing a dark marble with dominant white veining that balances the white wall’s with a custom art deco vanity we had built and Jean Perzel deco sconces. Using a consistent trim we designed, borrowed from the Chevron Gallery, we frame discreet and bold spaces for the vanity and bathtub. Inviting indeed - when the moment strikes, our bathtub features double shower heads for those more serendipitous moments with a never seen before (patent pending) automatic drop down curtain in a concealed framed pocket.

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